How to feed your Boxer

​A new-born puppy organism is characterized with rapid growth and development, as well as intensive forming of organs. Full value puppy feeding is the only source for him to get all necessary nutrients. During first days of his life the main puppy feeding product is his mother's milk, that includes all necessary vitamins and minerals providing  normal vital functions of his organism. That is why you should remember, that useful condition of mother-dog's milk depends on what and how you feed her. Her feeding must be full and nutrient as well. During feeding period you should carefully watch that stronger puppies didn't push off those who are weak. Weak puppies are to be put under the most "milky"  nipples.

Full puppies usually sleep after feeding. If they whine and act restlessly they are hungry. When the puppies will be 14 days and they open the eyes, you are to begin complementary feeding (if the mother-dog doesn't have enough milk, then even earlier). You can start complementary or even bottle feeding at any age of your puppies. First the puppies must be fed two times a day after they suck mother's milk, gradually increasing a number of feedings. When the puppies reach 2 weeks age, they can be fed 5-6 times a day.

Blind new-born puppies are to be bottle-fed with special nipple put on the bottle. The hole in the nipple must be of such size that milk drip easily through it. The necessary for puppies temperature of milk is 36-38 C. When the puppies open their eyes (13-15th day), you should habituate them to eat of the plate. It is recommended to feed each puppy separately (the weak puppies first) until the puppy himself refuses to eat. Then you can put the puppy under his mother-dog.

The puppies are to be fed with whole warm milk or baby nutrition. When the puppies grow up a little you can give them milk porridge made of semolina, oat flour and on the 14th day of their life - white bread with boiled milk, home fatless force-meat and cottage cheese. While the puppies grow up, mother-dog loses her milk and starts avoiding her children. Do not force her to stay always close to the puppies. As far as the milk accumulates in her breast she will feed them herself.

In feeding with dry foods you should take into account that all dogs have individual digestive system. If some foods cause allergy, diarrhea or your puppy just doesn't like it, it would be better to change it into another one. When buying dry foods, always check its expiration date.

The best foods for Boxer puppies are those with high concentration of protein (not less than 27%) as it is the main muscle building element. You should also remember that food amount for each dog is highly individual, so the dosage written on  the bag is correct only relatively.

But again, if you feed your puppy with natural food, remember than half of its food must include protein products such as meat, fish, cottage cheese and eggs.

As for the meat, it should be fatless, beef is better. It is not really comfortable for Boxers and Boxer puppies to tear big piece of meat into small ones, because of its specific bite, that is why it is better to cut meat into smaller pieces. If you are going to feed your puppy with animal internal organs, for example liver, make sure that it doesn't contain any helminths. Besides, there are a lot of A and D vitamins, the excess amount of which is as harmful as their lack.

It is better to give your Boxer puppy sea fish to avoid helminths. Poultry and fish bones are contra-indicated for Boxer.

As for eggs, they are a perfect source of vitamins, that is why they are so useful, but in moderate amounts. Their excess can cause hypervitaminosis and skin rashes. Egg albumens are also capable to bind and to remove H-vitamin (also called biotin) from the organism, that is necessary for good state of the skin and fur.

What vegetables to choose for your Boxer puppy? The best among them are carrot, pumpkin and squash. Cabbage, especially stewed, is very useful for your little Boxer. However, it causes flatulence in many dogs.

If you are going to feed your Boxer puppy with cereals, remember that it is better to give him boiled rice, buckwheat, wheat and corn as well as corn and oat flakes.

Most of the protein food your puppy should get in the raw state. You can give carrot partly stewed and partly grated. Other products are better to give boiled for them to be assimilated well. Only corn and oat flakes are enough to be filled with broth or kefir.

These recommendations you can also use for feeding adult Boxer dog as well. However, there exist some differences. When your puppy is 1.5-3.5 months you should feed him not less than 4 times a day, 3,5 months up to 1 year - 3 times a day and adult dog is usually fed 2 times a day.

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