Exterior Look of the Boxer

​The perfect Boxer is a middle-sized dog with square shape of the body, short back, strong limbs and short tight hear. His well-developed muscles and agility make him a good guard, working or companion dog. Due to his free and proud stride he looks very elegant.

Peculiar size for Boxer is 23-25 inches for males and 21.5-23.5 inches for females. Ideal body proportions for Boxer are when the horizontal line from the front of the forechest to the rear projection of the upper thigh equals the vertical line length from the top of the withers to the ground. Male Boxers are usually have better musculature and are larger boned than females.

The head is that exact exceptional feature that differs the Boxer from the other dogs. It looks like a shortened Mastiff's head with less number of wrinkles. Ideal Boxer head depends on the balanced proportions of the snout to the skull. The snout is the part of the head from the occiput to the tip of the nose and it must make up 1/3 of the total head length. The other 2/3rds are the skull width. It should look a little bit angular from the each side and have clear outlines. It is peculiar for the Boxer when its snout comes forward, creating at the front a wide quadrangular plane with straight parallel lines. The forehead is prominent and high.

Boxer's eyes have dark brown colour, they are not too small, too deepset or too prominent that makes Boxer's look impressive and persuasive.

Boxer's ears are usually cropped, set at the highest points of both skull sides. Cropped ears have rather long and thin cut and when the dog is alarmed he raises them. Uncropped ears have moderate size and lie flat close to the cheeks, falling forward with a crease when there is an alert.

The upper part of the skull is a little bit arched, not rounded, flat and not noticeably broad, the occiput is not strongly pronounced.  There is a small deepening on the forehead between the eyes. The cheeks are relatively flat and not bulge, thus, saving clear skull's shape as they form a graceful curve tapering into the snout.

In accordance with the standard of 1902, perfect Boxer must have higher and lower jaws absolutely parallel and equaly-sized, they shouldn't come forward or fall back. You can also recognize the Boxer by its scissor-type bite teeth. The lips complete the formation of the snout and they should meet evenly in front. The upper lip is thick and soft and on both sides is supported by the fangs of the lower jaw. The nose is wide and black with straight bridge.

Boxer's neck expresses power and magnificence. It is round and very muscular without excessively hanging skin. The neck should have distinct arch and elegant nape smoothly turning into the withers. Boxer's back is also very muscular, straight, short and smooth.

Short, smooth and tight fawn or brindle hair is peculiar to this Breed. These colours are considered to be the best for Boxer. They can vary from light tan to the reddish-brown. There also occur dogs with black or white stripes and spots. However, it is an undesirable hair colour and it shouldn't make more than 1/3 of all coating.

Saying in general, Boxer is very harmonious and intelligent dog. Though he is far from being a bully, due to his high strength and agility, Boxer is always ready to come into fight with any enemy. It makes him a perfect guard and a good friend to his owner.