Fire Hose Bite Tugs

Let us introduce you our Dog Bite Tugs made of real fire hose. They are meant to train your Boxer and have a good time too. Training is a very important activity in raising a well-behaved canine, so you should start it from the puppyhood, choosing small fire hose bite tugs. As your canine gets bigger, you can provide him/her with an item of a bigger size according to the needs. Fire hose is a strong material which consists of canvas and rubber or polymeric inside lining. This makes the goods steady for any damages, so it is very difficult for the Boxer to destroy it. Fire Hose bite tugs are safe for your Boxer health and his teeth. It won’t cause any allergy or irritation. For your comfort the supplies are provided with reliable handles - one or two - to hold the tug properly. Of course, you are also able to get the gear without handles. Your Boxer will love our fire hose bite tugs for sure!

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