How to know if your Boxer puppy gets enough milk

From the moment of the puppy's birth the main source of vitamins and minerals for him is his mother-dog's milk. So he gets all necessary nutrients that help him to grow, to develop his physical parameters and to build his immunity. That is why it is very important that your Boxer puppy wasn't hungry and got enough milk. The number of times when your small Boxer drinks milk depends on the puppy himself. However, you should take care that your Boxer puppy received enough milk during the day.

The law "the strongest survives" is one of the main rules in the world of nature. That is why don't be afraid if you see that larger puppies push away their smaller brothers and sisters to be fed first. Here you should remember, that small and weak Boxer puppies can be unable to suckle from smaller nipples or to suckle in the second turn, that is after the other puppies have done it, because milk supply gets lower and puppies have to suckle harder. That is why it is better to allow smaller puppies to be fed in the first turn.

How to get sure that your Boxer puppy gets enough milk during the day? It is very important to weigh each separate puppy. You can do it by means of baby scale or electronic kitchen scale. In order to make your measurements more precise, follow these recommendations.
  • Try to use the same blanket always when you measure your puppy's weight; thus, you will be able to get accurate measurements;
  • Measure your puppy's weight two times a day: in the morning and in the evening.
  • When measuring your puppies you must surely know who is who; in order to make it easier you can use some kind of marking. But, please, make sure that it won't harm your puppy.
  • In case if your puppy doesn't gain weight each day, you must create such conditions that your puppy received more milk from his mother-dog.

What to do if your newborn puppy doesn't gain weight?
  • let smaller puppies drink first; it is easier for larger puppies to suckle harder and to retrieve their milk;
  • in case if mother-dog doesn't have enough milk to feed all her puppies, give the larger puppies a supplement.
If your puppy loses weight, it can be very dangerous. In this situation it is better to feed your puppies with a supplement (never use regular milk) and immediately take it to your vet. If you do not take appropriate measures it can cause Hypoglycemia and/or dehydration.