How to choose Boxer puppy

Remember, when choosing a puppy, we choose a family member, that is why those, who value family ties - the ties of love and loyalty - must make the right choice. First of all, you should remember, that Boxer is a dog, that requires rather active and long walks, only so he will not annoy you with his bad behavior. Together with this dog you can have walks in crowdy places. He will not scare surrounding people, on the contrary, he will call only positive emotions.
Before you decide to take a puppy, it is better to get to know his parents. The best age to take a puppy is 1.5-2 months, as it is the age when the puppy's sex is distinct and they are ready to be taken from their mother. The nose lobe must be fully black. The bite should be not tight with some retreat. After we examined the puppy's exterior look, we should check his working qualities and temper. There are a lot of different tests for temper that can be a great help, outweighing lack of experience or knowledge.
In life, puppy follows his instincts - hunting, defensive, food, fighting and sexual. Defensive instinct is the main for guard dog, which will protect his territory (that means your territory as well), his house, himself and his troop (that is you and your family). However, defensive activity requires certain maturity, that is why you can examine only hunting abilities of the puppy now. You should also check puppy's level of sensitiveness and determine his dominance. Sensitiveness reflects the stability of the nervous system. It is not the best choice if the dog is afraid of street noise or even starts panic. The dominance specifies the order and shows the degree of dog's obeyance, that means whether the dog will obey your orders or you will obey his desires.
In order to help you in making the right choice we would like to offer you some tests. It is desirable to test your puppy when his age is 6-8 weeks. You will need a tennis-ball, a steel bowl and a rug or a piece of artificial wool of the size similar to the kitchen towel.

Test 1. Sociability.
First of all you need to define the sociability of the litter of puppies you chose. Approach to the puppies and evaluate their behavior. Joyful barking, fawning, cheerfulness and fun is that exact behavior you need. The puppy that showed indifference or fear is unlikely to become a good companion. If the litter includes mostly the puppies of the kind, it is not recommended to take a puppy out of it.

Test 2. Hunting instinct.
The following test you will carry out with friendly puppies only. Attract puppies' attention with the rug. Pull it with short jerks on the floor. The hunting instinct will make the puppies chase the rug. However, there is some nuance. A puppy, that tries to chase the carpet will perfectly do for a role of beloved pet, while a puppy, that stubbornly chases the rug until he bites it is an inborn sportsman, hunter and fighter.
Here you should narrow the circle to two or three puppies. The test must be done with each puppy separately and pass to the following test only after you've tested all the puppies. It will give time for them to have some rest during the break between their turns. If you are testing only one puppy, give him a break not less than 15 minutes.

Test 3. Sensitiveness.
This test will help you to check the sensitiveness of your puppy, that is his nervous system stability. This test is better to carry out on the hard floor or on the asphalt, somewhere in the calm place. First, you should involve the puppy into the game. When all his attention belongs to you and your game, throw the steel bowl in about a meter behind him. The desired reaction is a full indifference or a light wince with quick coming back to normal condition that is followed by sniffing around the object. Normal condition is expressed in the puppy's desire to return to your game. If the puppy shivers of fear, runs away, refusing to continue the game and it is impossible to take him out of shock, he is not your choice.

Test 4. Hunting and returning instinct.
Take a tennis-ball and roll it away from the puppy. The puppy with good hunting qualities will throw himself to the ball and the puppy with good returning instinct will come back to you with this ball. This instinct is showed in everything - from the game with flying plate up to the obedience training. Remember that return qualities are very important for dog obedience training and it is necessary to develop them.

Test 5. Championship.
After playing with the puppy a few minutes, turn him on the back and take him in this position for a minute, placing your arms on his chest. The undesirable reaction if the puppy lies obediently and silently or on the contrary, tries to attack you. The "proper" puppy must show obvious unwillingness to lie on his back through whimpering and twisting. Such behavior is good for a pet. If you need a sport Boxer, you should search the puppy that snarls and barks, expressing his aversion. However, after all his reaction must be followed by obeyance and enfeeblement. Thus, you check who will be the leader among two of you.

Test 6. Forgiveness.
Ability to forgive is an important requirment for any dog. Involve the puppy in game again. When he will be fully keen on it, take his paw and pinch the bulge on his big toe. You must do it quickly but strong enough for him to squeal. The proper reaction is if the puppy quickly forgives you, involving you in game again or licks your face. A puppy that runs away will never become a good dog, as well as the puppy that tries to revenge you. Though you may consider this method rather cruel, it is necessary to be done. Your children should play with a dog that is able to forgive. Moreover, forgiveness plays a great part in obedience and security training and in every area of the dog's life.

Although this test cannot give you 100% guarrantee. That is why before making a choice, consider carefully all pluses and minuses as you choose a friend and a member of your family for long years. And it doesn't matter whether your dog will be a champion of competition or exhibition; the main thing is that you find mutual understanding between two of you and then everything will be great.