The Legend of the Boxer

Boxer dog was talked about even in fiction literature. Thus, we can find a fragment from the book " My Boxer Dog" of Joahim Grosse and Peter Holtzhausen. It is called "The legend of the Boxer". We are glad to present it to your attention.

It was the 5th day of world creation. After God made all possible animals he decided to create all future dog breeds, one specimen each. There were big and small dogs, shaggy, long and shorthaired, fair, dark, spotted and motley, in a word, all kinds the human could desire. All the dogs were ready, when God looked at them favourably and said:
-Here exists such a great variety that other animals doesn't have. Although, in order to successfully finish my work, I want to make a dog that will combine strength and  generosity, speed, courage and good-nature.

He took a clay and shaped a Boxer. It looked like our usual Boxer, only the head didn't much differ from the other dogs'. Then the God said happily:

-This one turned out even better than I expected, but I want to put it aside as it is still soft and can break.

The Boxer heared everything and he pulled his head high as now he had to be the best among all the dogs. He couldn't help but demand the other dogs to grant him honours and recognition. The small dogs agreed and showed the Boxer great admiration. The other way behaved the large dogs. They were really offended that the middle-sized Boxer will surpass them. First, only fierce snarl was heared, than the abusive words came from everywhere. If only you could see it! The Boxer, full of rage, threw himself onto the foes. He forgot that his snout was made in the last turn so it was still soft. It was very bulged-in at the front and when God pulled him out the trouble had already happened. However, God just said smiling:

- Whatever you are now, the same you must remain until the Judgement Day.

It happened so. Who somewhat doubts in this story, should take his Boxer to the other dogs' society. He will immediately make certain that Boxer's relations with other dogs remained the same. Each small dog friendly welcomes the Boxer in honour of its former homage. As for the large dogs, they try to leave in advance as the Boxer  remembers until now the disrespect that was showed to him in the past.