Boxer's temper

If you decided to have a Boxer in your family, you should know that this dog is not for everyone. Those who prefer quiet and calm dogs can be slightly disturbed with excessive Boxer's emotionality and activity. Boxer can be described as a "full of life" dog. It is very boisterous and joyful. The dog of this breed is usually very excited when playing, it likes running about and be ready that you will be involved in your dog's games. Due to its mischievous nature and love to tease, Boxer will become a good friend for your children. This dog may be called "people dog". It should be always surrounded with people and get a lot of attention. The happiest time for this dog is when it is among its human family. Boxer cannot stand loneliness or waiting chained in the cage or its dog house. It can be explained by its constant need of attention, love and companionship. That is why this dog is a perfect choice for large families with children, where it will be always in the centre of attention and it is usually well-disposed equally to each family member.

The other exceptional feature of the Boxer is its slow mature. Unlike most dog breeds, Boxers tend to behave as puppies for rather long time. Only at the age of 3-4 years they somehow settle down. However, they still remain very joyful and lively for all period of their life.

Boxer is an excellent breed for training. You must remember that you should be tender and hard, but never rude. When treating the Boxer in a rude way, it loses its interest to work and makes an impression of a week-headed dog without any desire to do something. However, spoiled Boxer, as well as any ill-mannered dog, is not suitable for serious work and becomes a source of constant disappointment because of its uncontrollable inclination for its scamp behavior.

High-bred Boxer is rather sensitive, absolutely fearless, reliable and combines responsiveness with good controlability. Many Boxers are rather daring with other dogs and fight really often, selflessly and with pleasure. At the same time they are stubborn, with little sensitivity to pain and almost never hesitate or show weakness when they are provoked. Still, intraspecific aggressive orientation of this breed had been brought down by selection and nowadays it became more sportive breed. Boxers can be easily trained for guard and security as they have high active defense reaction, strong bite and come into fight with an offender excitedly and with pleasure. However, despite the Boxer's hot character, most of the dogs are very friendly and loyal to the strangers when there is no provocation or owner's order to the opposite action. Boxer is really fond of different active games, usually interested in fetching and remains active until the extreme old age.

If you are really sure of purchasing the Boxer, be prepared to spent a lot of time with your pet and, of course, to love it. Only this way you will get a loyal friend, a good assistant and a selfless guard of your family.