How to treat your newborn Boxers during their first 8 weeks

If you have a litter of a newborn Boxer puppies you should prepare to be close to them at least for 8 first weeks of their life. It is the crucial time when you have to be ready for any situation, as it is the time when the health of your puppy is shaped.

Day 1
During this day mother-dog will feed her babies with Colostrum. This is a milky liquid that contains a lot of nutrients, providing the puppies with vital antibodies. This day can be called a " sleepy day", as the puppies will sleep almost all the time when not drinking. If the puppies' bodies are warm, they breathe naturally and make soft noises, they are full and fine.
On the first day the puppies cannot eliminate waists from their organism themselves yet, so their mother will lick them to stimulate this process.
Boxer puppies have their eyes still closed and it will stay this way for 10-15 days. The umbilical cord still remains, as it is rather damp and not ready to fall off.

Day 2
On this day your puppies can lose weight. Don't be afraid, it is absolutely normal. However, take care that the larger puppies don't push the weaker puppies off the nipple.

Day 3
If you decided to dock your puppies' tails, it is the best day to do it. Consult with your vet and consider carefully your decision. It is also the day when the cord is dry enough to fall off. On this day you should remove the dewclaws, if you decided to do so. Remember, that it should be done only by your experienced veterinarian.

Week 1
During this week you should weigh your puppy each day. Take a basket lined with a soft and clean towel and measure it first. Then put the puppy into the basket. Thus, you will be able to calculate accurate number. Each day your puppies must gain weight. If there is no increase, contact your vet immediately.

The nails should be trimmed each day as they grow very quickly. Please, do it very carefully for not to hurt your dog. You must trim off only a small "hook" of the nail.

Week 2
It is the time when your small Boxers begin to open their eyes. It is a slow process so be patient. The puppies still hold close to their mom, but they already make their attempts to communicate with you.

Week 3
It is a "chatting time". Now the puppies should fully open their eyes. The ear canal is also should be fully formed so the small Boxers start hearing their voices and barking.
Be ready that your little travelers will make an attempts to leave their place. Now they have everything to learn the world better! Although it is not desirable to allow them to run about the house as they can harm themselves. Connect one or more boxes together, thus, making a big "playing ground". This way, your puppies will have enough place to communicate and play with each other. And it will be a safe place!

Week 4
On the 4th week you may start feeding your puppies with solid food. Make a mixture containing 14 of puppy dog food and 34 of water. Begin with small amounts. You should habituate your puppies to solid food gradually and slowly as their digestive system cannot accept it at once.
You can also remove extra heating. The temperature in the room must be 72 F ( 23 C).

Week 5
It is the time when you can give toys to your puppies. You still have to check their weight, but not necessarily each day. Normal weight should vary between 2 lbs. (0.9 kilograms) and 4 lbs. (1.81 kilograms). Gradually make the food more solid by adding more puppy dog food and less water.
Mother-dog is tired and exhausted so she would like to spend less time with her children. It is a perfect time for your interaction with the puppies. They will be very happy to play with you.

Week 6
On the 6th week you may introduce your puppies a new world. Be ready that your small Boxers will become more active and start eating a lot. However, it is still too early for training. It is better to involve them into outdoor walkings. Try to walk them separately and beware of other dogs. Your puppies will be really fascinated to feel the warmth of the sun and soft touch of the grass!

Week 7
You Boxer puppies do not require nursing any more. It is a great time when they grew up enough to involve you in their quite active games. Outdoor walks must become a daily routine. You should also take mother-dog with you as well. She will start educating her children all necessary skills. This week is perfect to pass to the usual routine of dog feeding, grooming, exercise and playing.

Week 8
During this week the puppies should have their first vaccinations. If you are not going to keep all the puppies, it is a good time to find a new home for them. Make sure that you give them to the kind and loving people, who will take care of their small Boxers.
If you are going to keep all or some puppies, you can begin training them as well as falling back into your normal dog care schedule.

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