• Model: C46##1013 Nylon Collar with Easy Quick Release Buckle

Nylon Collar with Easy Quick Release Buckle and Additional Handle


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All-Weather Nylon Collar with Additional Handle

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Nylon collar for better control of your Boxer

Perfect in Style and Functionality Collar for Boxer!

Attention! You’ve never seen anything like this before! If you have weak nerves you should leave this page as quick as you can because you can burst with excitement after you learn about this Awesome All-Weather Nylon Collar for Active Boxers! We present you an extremely practical and comfortable collar suitable for any dog’s activity ...even for taking your Boxer out of a car...WITHOUT a leash! Can you imagine?

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  • All-weather variant collarExcellent choice for stubborn Boxer
  • Super comfortable nylon everyday collarAwesome nylon collar for those who value real quality!

Key features of this Boxer Collar:

  • extremely strong nylon
  • easy quick release buckle
  • easy to adjust
  • nickel plated O-ring for leash attachment
  • comfy nylon handle
  • 40 mm (1 1/2 inch) in width

Intended use of this Boxer Collar:

  • training
  • every day walks
  • taking the dog out of a car
  • better control

Sizes available:

  • 18 - 21 inches (45 - 52 cm)
  • 20 - 25 inches (50 - 61 cm)
  • 24 - 36 inches (60 - 90 cm)

Available colors:

  • black

The things you, probably, want to see in your dog’s new collar and a little bit more:

  1. Do you like walking under rain with your Boxer? Or probably he adores splashing in the pond? This collar is definitely your magic wand as it is very practical! Unlike leather collars, this one will not lose its look because of having been watered. All your care can be given to your doggy instead of being worried about his collar!
  2. Did you know that Nylon is, probably, the most popular synthetic polyester? That is why it is widely used in many industries. It doesn’t reflect excessive sunlight, is highly resistant to fungi, animals, many chemicals, rot and insects. It is extremely strong!
  3. Are you a busy person? If you are, this collar can save a lot of your business contracts as it is a real time savior! No need to waste a lot of time trying to buckle a collar on your stubborn and too much active Boxer! One click and all is done. Comfort for both of you and healthy nerves as a present.
  4. Oh my God! No leash needed any more to control your Boxer better! Due to the special nylon handle you can keep your doggy close to you when it is necessary or easily take him out of a car. And you do not need to spend money for an additional pull tab leash. Although, you, surely, can attach a leash to the nickel plated ring on the handle.
Enjoy comfort of this Awesome Nylon Collar with Extra Handle!

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Excellent nylon collar for stubborn Boxer

Keep Your Boxer close to You Easily!

Awesome collar for walking and training

Rain is not a Problem Any More!

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