• Model: L510#1013 Tracking Leather Dog Leash

Multitasking Leather Dog Leash for Boxer Training, Tracking, Walking and Patrolling

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Multifunctional Duly Made Leather Boxer Lead

Are freedom and control mismatched things? Not for our Upgraded Long Leather Leash for Boxer Breed. Invented by the most skillful and talented craftmasters and manufactured of the best quality materials, this lead will be your favourite assistant in communication with your Boxer. It is a strong and reliable piece of canine equipment able to cope with the hardest puller and the strongest dog. Leashed with this dog lead, your Boxer will be always under control.

This dog article is the best shot for tracking work, guarding, patrolling, training and free dog walking. It is an excellent solution of your Boxer’s unreleased energy as after so saturated activity he will be tired, but satisfied, obedient and well-mannered. This Multitasking Dog Lead will help you to grow your Boxer healthy, well-behaved and happy animal. Order this leash now and train your pet professionaly.

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Duly made strong Boxer leash

Realiable canine leash for Boxer breed

Uprgraded leather leash for tracking and patrolling

Hand crafted leather leash for Boxer training

Key features of this Boxer Leash:

  • full grain latigo leather
  • safe & durable
  • 3/8 inch wide
  • securely hand crafted
  • brass snap hook
  • stitched at stress points

Intended use of this Boxer Leash:

  • walking
  • training
  • guarding
  • patrolling
  • exercising

Sizes available:

  • 13 ft (4 m)
  • 20 ft (6 m)
  • 27 ft (8 m)
  • 33 ft (10 m)

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown

Dog bringing up is a very difficult issue and those who consider that a pet doesn’t need training are badly mistaken. Any dog will be annoying and disobedient if not trained properly. Boxer as a very family dog likes to please his owner but one need to work with him well to gain his respect. Training a Boxer will be a very simple and ordinary job for you if you have this Marvellous Dog Leash.

Here are few more things to know about this Dog Lead:

  1. Manufactured of 100% full grain latigo leather, the leash is a sturdy and reliable piece of canine equipment. It will perfectly withstand the test of time and serve for more than one generation of dogs. This leash is a practical choice for daily activity and it will be crack-proof if it is used properly. The recommended treatment is to clean it with water repellent and leather conditioner. Thus, the leash will serve you well and won’t lose its fine qualities and gorgeous look.

  2. Stitched into leather loop snap hook will never pull out. Only high quality polyester threads are used for handstitching. Made of brass, rust and corrosion resistant material, the snap hook is a very reliable and secure lock. It won’t unclasp under hard working loads.

  3. Should you order the leash with or without the handle, it will be a very convenient dog control tool. Thoughtfully designed, this lead provides an excellent and convenient grip for the handler. Soft leather prevents hand rubbing.

  4. Smoothed and waxed edges are not going to fray, thus preventing wearing out of this product.

  5. Due to its length, the lead is a very multitasking product. Being kept under control, your Boxer will still have a lot of space for action. Freedom of movement is guaranteed.

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