• Model: PS13#1013 Dog Hidden Protection Sleeve

Advanced Level Protection Sleeve Made of French Linen for Boxer

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Ambidextrous hidden protection sleeve for Boxer

When your dog is ready for the advanced level training you need a special equipment for it. We are ready to help you to move to another level with the ambidextrous hidden protection sleeve for Boxer. What really differs this sleeve from the others is that it can be hidden under the clothes. Buy this sleeve and move to the next level in training with confidence.

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Hidden Protection Boxer Bite Sleeve for Training

Hidden Protection Boxer Bite Sleeve for Training

 Velcro Closure on Boxer Bite Sleeve

French Linen Super Safe Boxer Bite Sleeve

Key features of this Dog Sleeve:

  • Flexible sleeve
  • Snug fit
  • Velcro closure to fit your arm anatomic in best wa
  • Ambidextrous - fits left and right arm

Intended use of this Dog Sleeve:

  • Police training
  • Guard training
  • Attack/protection training
  • Special units training


  • Without plastic reinforcement
  • With plastic reinforcement


  • French Linen

Some reasons to choose this sleeve:

The sleeve has an anatomic design, that's why it is suitable for both hands. It is easily adjustable on your arm, thanks to nylon straps on Velcro.

The sleeve is multitask. It is perfect for such activities as police training, guard dog training, and protection training. It is widely used by professional dog trainers and police K-9 units.

Please, remember! The sleeve can be used by professional trainers only, in a controlled training environment. Because there is a risk of serious injury, while using this item incorrectly.

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