• Model: PS80F1013 Leg sleeve without bite bar

French Linen Boxer Protection Leg Sleeve


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Training leg bite sleeve for Boxer

Protect your legs during heavy duty Boxer training! For this purpose you can have a look at this protective leg sleeve. Such gear will protect your leg up to your knee. So, it is almost impossible to suffer from dog's bites.

Key features of this Bite Sleeve:

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Made of 100% dog safe materials
  • Soft interior part
  • Advanced bite surface for young dogs
  • Outside round handle
  • 3 ways adjustable bite area - puppy, young, adult dog
  • Hard plastic shoulder protection

Intended use of this Bite Sleeve:

  • Advanced bite work with sleeve for young dogs
  • Working on bite drive
  • Building full mouth proper angle bite foundation

The sleeve is holding up well to daily training and the Velcro is sturdy yet easy to release when needed. French Linen material is strong enough to let the dog get a good grip but not too tight that he slips off. Moreover, it is thick enough that the trainer can feel the pressure of the bites but does not get hurt. This protection leg sleeve will be perfect for working police k-9, military dogs and ring sport. It is also indispensable for guard dog training, police training and protection training. This is a very good sleeve at an affordable price.

Take a look at leg dog bite sleeve in 3D

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