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Puppy sleeve made of french linen with shoulder protection


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Lightweight intermediate bite sleeve with shoulder protection for Boxer

Train your Boxer with the ultimate safety and reach the best results! We present you Lightweight intermediate bite sleeve with shoulder protection for Boxer. The sleeve is created for professional trainers. This intermediate bite sleeve is very strong. It is intended for training young and adult dogs. It's one of the best gears for Schutzhund training, police dogs training and agitation dog training.

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Lightweight bite sleeve with shoulder protection for Boxer

Lightweight bite sleeve with shoulder protection for Boxer

Key features of this Bite Sleeve:

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Made of 100% dog safe materials
  • Soft interior part
  • Advanced bite surface for young dogs
  • Outside round handle
  • D-ring under handle for increased functionality
  • Hard plastic shoulder protection

Intended use of this Bite Sleeve:

  • Advanced bite work with sleeve for young dogs
  • Working on bite drive
  • Building full mouth proper angle bite foundation

Things you should know about this bite sleeve:

The sleeve is a tool of high quality. This sleeve is made of French Linen material, which is known for its strength. French Linen is a non-toxic and hypoallergenic material. The sleeve is very lightweight and you won't get tired while training your dog. It will help your dog to reach the best results in training.

This is the equipment that is made due to the international standards and requirements of professional dog handlers and dog experts. So, it is designed to provide complete safety for your arm and hand, it's equipped with inside durable hard handle and outside soft handle, that will allow you to easily control your dog.

It is easy and convenient in use and multitask. Plastic protection arm sleeve is removable so that you can order it separately. Develop your dog's instincts for protection, teach him to control the power of his bites, as well as use it for the main tool for preparing your pet for the sports competitions.

Please, pay attention that this model of bite sleeve is used with a cover ONLY! Otherwise, we do not bear any responsibility for the condition of the sleeve that is used without a cover!

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