• Model: KA14#1098 Metal brush with wooden handle #1

Chrome-Plated Boxer Brush With Wooden Handle


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Boxer Metal Brush With Wooden Handle

Dog grooming is a very important and essential process that every dog owner should try and carry out to help keeping their dogs happy and healthy. Dog grooming doesn't have to be expensive. Now you don't need to visit pet salons. Learn how to groom your dog by yourself. We offer you this amazing and easy in use Boxer Metal Brush With Wooden Handle for reasonable price.

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Durable chrome plated dog brush

Durable chrome plated dog brush

Grooming dog brush with metal teeth

Grooming dog brush with metal teeth

Why you should buy this dog brush:

  • Durable rust resistant teeth
  • Perfect distance between teeth
  • Comfy to grab
  • Safe and non-toxic

When to use this dog dog brush:

  • Dog coat grooming

Sizes available:

  • Length 6 inch (14,5 cm)
  • Width 4 1/3 inch (11 cm)
  • Diameter of the handle 1 2/5 inch (3,5 cm)
  • The distance between the teeth is 2/5 lines (0,8 mm)
  • Weight - 1/5 lbs (84 g)


  • Wooden handle
  • Chrome plated teeth

Why we recommend you this Brush:

This Metal Brush is great for grooming Boxers. It is made of absolutely safe for dog's health materials. Chrome plated steel is rustproof and will keep its silver-like shine for many years. Be sure it has been designed both for your and your doggy's comfort. The handle is durable, made of ecologically clean wood; it is also very easy to grab and doesn't slip away. Please, note that you should groom your Boxer along the direction of hair growth. Only proper daily grooming will help your pet to eliminate skin problems in the future!

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