• Model: L17##1013 Pull Tab Braided Leash

Extra Short Leather Braided Leash for Boxer


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Short Leather Leash for Better Control Over Boxer

Leash is a tool that binds owner and the dog. A lot depends on the item you choose, so be careful while selecting equipment for your Boxer. But it is not the only problem. Even successfully chosen lead may become useless because unexperienced dog handlers may develop a bad habit of pulling the owner along. It damages their life together because every walking becomes a torture for the master.

How to overcome this problem? Proper equipment and training will help you in this. This leash with short handle will help you to keep your Boxer by your side and to minimizes the possibility of canineís pulling.

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  • Short Boxer lead with brass snap hookShort braided line for Boxer with brass fittings
  • Leather Boxer leash with floating brass O-ringShort leather Boxer with rustproof brass O-ring

What is so special about this Boxer leash:

  • Extra durable
  • Riveted
  • Rust resistant brass snap hook
  • Easy in handling
  • Multitask
  • Reasonable price
  • Genuine leather
  • Floating O-rong

When this Boxer leash is indispensable:

  • Training
  • Easy walking
  • Taking the dog out of the car

Sizes available:

  • 10 inches (25 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

This leash is a godsend for those dog owners who donít know how to cope with extra active Siberian Husky in public or crowded places. Owing to the short length, this product allows to keep your doggie close to you. In such a way you will protect him and people around.

Super strong genuine leather is used to manufacture the implement. It is reliable and worthy piece of equipment to pay attention to.

Braided design of the item creates posh look of the tool.

Tough brass hardware of the leash is totally rust resistant. Owing to the snap hook you can fasten the lead to the collar or harness. Special O-ring is intended for long leash attacment.

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