• Model: TE2521013 Jute Bite tug (6x30cm) 2 handles

Dog safe jute bite tug for Training Boxer


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Develop your Boxer bite skills with safe jute bite tug!

Would you like to get a durable and safe puppy bite tug with two optional handles? Do you want to start training your puppy using professional dog equipment? Purchase this dog-friendly, heavy stuffed tool, which is completely safe for his teeth. This bite tug has qualities necessary for professional training. These are durability, practicability, smart design, eco-friendly materials. It's a hand-crafted and no machine work equipment which is made of natural jute material.

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  • title=Durably stitched jute bite tug for Boxer
  • Durable jute training bite tug with handleDurable jute training bite tug with handle

Why you should buy this dog bite tug:

  • Strong natural material
  • Dog-teeth friendly
  • Neatly stitched on the edges
  • 2 handles for more convenience

When to use this dog bite tug:

  • Retrieve
  • Bite training

Sizes available:

  • Width - 2 1/3 (6cm)
  • Length - 12 inch (30 cm)


  • Jute

If you want to get a high quality dog equipment, that will serve your Boxer during long time and will help him to achieve the highest results in training, get this training bite tug. This jute bite tug is equipped with 2 comfortable handles which are easy to grab and don't let your hand slip off. The tug is carefully stitched at the edges, so this makes this jute bite tug timeless and reliable. You can use this item for bite and retrieve training. Also it will help you to develop your dog's biting skills.

Please remember that this is a training tool only. It should never be used as a chewing toy, because your pet may damage it. So please do not leave your Boxer alone with this bite tug as far as he can tear it apart and swallow stuffing, which may be dangerous for your dog.

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