• Model: TT20#1013 Foam dog ball 9 cm

Foam Boxer Ball for Training 'High Fly' for Large Dogs


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Interactive Boxer Training Ball

Are you and your Boxer tired of ordinary training with ordinary things?
Do you want to make the training process of your Boxer brighter?
We have a pleasant news for you! This amazing super lightweight Boxer training ball is the decision of the mentioned issues.

Have a pleasant and efficient training with the suggested gear. It is designed for playing, training and just having fun with your beloved Boxer.

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Safe Boxer Ball for Interactive Training

Super Lightweight Boxer Water Foam Ball

High-End Boxer Water Ball for Interesting Training

Foam Water Boxer Ball for Training and Playing

Key features of this Boxer water ball:

  • Safe foam
  • High-end materials
  • Lightweight material
  • Water floating
  • Strong colorful string
  • Bright design

Intended use of this Boxer water ball:

  • Playing on water
  • Training on water
  • Retrieve training
  • Having fun during daily walks

Sizes available:

  • Diameter 3 inch (9 cm)
  • Length of the string - 14 inch (35 cm)
  • Weight - 4 oz (110 g)


  • Foam
  • Nylon string

Having this yellow bite ball you will be able to create funny, but efficient training with your Boxer. Throw the item and command the dog to fetch it. You may use the ball while daily walking in the park, playing, training.

Please, be attentive while using this ball! Your Boxer needs to be supervised while such activities. The suggested ball is not designed for chewing. Use it for training and playing only.

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