• Model: TT16#1013 Rubber ball with bell inside

Rubber Squeaky Ball Dog Toy for Boxer


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Amusing Rubber Ball with Bell inside for Boxer

Amusing Rubber Ball with Bell inside is a favorite of dogs. This Amusing Rubber Ball with Bell inside is great for chasing, jumping, running, fetching, retrieving and catching dogs everywhere! It helps to keep your dog mentally stimulated by triggering his natural instincts. This durable rubber toy is bouncy and features a ball inside for bigger interest. It will keep your dog's attention for hours. Easy to clean it will gently massage his gums as he chews.

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Rubber Boxer Ball for Easy Training

Efficient Boxer Ball of Reliable Material

Key features of this ball:

  • High quality strong rubber
  • Rubber bumps
  • Bell inside
  • Bright look

Intended use of this ball:

  • Healthful games of pull and tug
  • Training your dog
  • Just for fun

Sizes available:

  • 2 1/3 inch (6 cm) in diameter

Available colors:

  • Colors may vary

Now you can fully rely on this amazing rubber ball for playing! This high quality product is made of super strong and durable rubber and is absolutely safe and non-toxic. There is a bell inside which just drives pets crazy and they are eager to play with it. Moreover, the ball massages the pet's gums due to the dotted surface. Get this excellent rubber ball and deliver great fun and joy to your pet!

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