• Model: TE5321013 Fire Hose Bite Tug (6x60cm) 2 handles

Fire Hose Bite Tug with Two Handles for Boxer


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Boxer Narrow Dog Bite Tug with 2 Handles

Is your Boxer too powerful and you need super strong dog training equipment? Then check this Fire Hose Bite Tug that is created in accordance with all dog world standards. Designed exactly for training grown up dogs, this dog item is extra durable and stitched for additional strength. So buy this Bite Tug now and enjoy training process and time spent with your Boxer!

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Fire Hose Boxer Bite Tug For Easy Training

Strong Boxer Bite Tug with Comfy Handles

Key features of this Bite Pillow:

  • durable fire hose material
  • 2 reliable nylon handles
  • stitched at the edges for better strength
  • dog-friendly stuffing

Intended use of this Bite Pillow:

  • Retrieve item
  • Playing
  • Biting skills developing

Sizes available:

  • width - 2 1/3 inch (6 cm)
  • length - 24 inch (60 cm)


  • Fire hose

What do you need to know about this gear:

This bite tug is so durable because it is made of real fire hose. It's a cover of this tug and it's also heavy stuffed with ecologically clean material. Fire hose is a strong stuff which consists of canvas and rubber or polymeric inside lining. This makes it steady for any damages, so it is very difficult for the dog to destroy it. This Fire Hose bite tug is safe for your Boxer health and his teeth. It won’t cause any allergy or irritation.

Its two nylon loops will allow you to hold the bite tug firmly in your hands. Besides, they will protect your hands when your dog bites, so you will have no fear that your pet can bite you by accident. These handles also broaden the field of usage of this equipment. The edges of this Fire Hose bite tug are securely stitched for additional durability. Please remember, that this is not a chew toy, so never let your Boxer play with this bite tug without supervision.

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