• Model: TE38#1013 French Linen Dog Bite Tag with 2 handles

Huge Dog Bite Tag 6 inch x 24 inch for Boxer


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French Linen Dog Bite Tag with 2 Handles for Boxer

French Linen Dog Bite Tag with 2 Handles is perfect for efficient training large breeds such as Boxer is. It is designed especially to build your dog's bite grip. So, only strong and high quality materials were used. It is also equipped with two strong comfortable handles for your convenience. Enjoy training process and results with our French Linen Dog Bite Tag with 2 Handles for Boxer.

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French Linen Boxer Bite Tug for Easy Training

Efficient Boxer Bite Tug of Reliable Material

Key features of this Bite Tug:

  • Best quality primary products
  • Made to order
  • Non-allergenic
  • 2 durable handles
  • Hand stitched at border
  • Lightweight

Intended use of this Bite Tug:

  • Retrieve item
  • Playing
  • Biting skills developing

Sizes available:

  • Width - 6 inch
  • Length - 24 inch


  • French Linen

You should know about excellent advantages of this fabric training tool:

This tug is fabricated of French linen material. It is resistant to tear and wear. Moreover, French linen is health-safe. The tug is quite big, which makes it ideal for such a large breed like Boxer. The tug is pleasant to grip with the mouth. There are two comfy handles to prevent your hands from injuries and bites during training. With these handles it will be easy for you to take control over training process.

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