• Model: TE23#1013 Pocket toy made of jute

Boxer Jute Pocket Toy with Loop-like Handle


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Pocket toy made of jute with handle for Boxer

If it is a high time to introduce your Boxer puppy bite work, then we offer you the best way to do it with the pocket toy made of jute with handle for Boxer. It is made of absolutely safe material, like jute. The toy is very durable, because it is carefully stitched. It is equipped with a strong handle to make it easier for you to hold the toy while training. Buy this toy and turn training your puppy into a joyful game.

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Boxer pocket toy with handle made made of jute

Boxer pocket toy with handle made made of jute

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Long Jute Training Bite Tug for Puppies

Long Jute Training Bite Tug for Puppies

Key features of this Pocket Toy:

  • dog-friendly materials
  • non-allergic
  • equipped with 1 handle
  • carefully stitched

Intended use of this Pocket Toy:

  • retrieve item
  • bite work

Sizes available:

  • width - 1 3/4 (4 cm)
  • length - 12 inch (30 cm)


  • jute

When you choose a good toy for your dog, remember that such an activity should be joyful and should develop your dog's natural skills and introduce him further training.

Professional training requires special dog equipment and this bite tug is a perfect choice for this. Jute is a strong material, safe for the dog's health and teeth. This jute bite tug for your puppy Boxer is equipped with a soft strong handle. This gives you an additional opportunities during training and playing with your pet. This tool is made to be indispensable while training obedience, bite grip skills, etc.

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