• Model: L20##1013 Nylon Cord Dog Leash

Cord nylon dog leash for Boxer


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Cord nylon dog leash for Boxer

Nylon is extremely durable and rust resistant material that's why it's used for crafting the finest quality dog stuff. Are you interested in getting one of the most reliable and practicable tool?
This nylon leash is a powerful gear in your hand which is comfy for your dog also. Brass snap hook is rust and corrosion resistant, therefore, will serve you during long time. It's strong and very easy for daily use. This is a high quality equipment, indispensable while walking, training or socializing your Boxer.

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  • Extraordinary Boxer Leash in Red ColorEasy handling with Nylon Boxer Leash
  • Nylon Boxer Leash with Unique DesignAny Weather Boxer Nylon Leash with Strong Hardware

Key features of this Boxer Leash:

  • 2/5 inch (10 mm) wide best nylon
  • Strong brass snap hook
  • Cord type
  • Chess decorative ornament

Intended use of this Boxer Leash:

  • Walking
  • Tracking
  • Training
  • Patrolling

Sizes available:

  • 5 Ft (150 cm)

Available colors:

  • Blue/black mix
  • Red/black mix

This is a comfortable, durable and lightweight nylon gear. This walking leash has a few special benefits. It is made of the finest quality materials. Nylon is highly durable, waterproof and easy to clean. It's also very popular thanks to its affordable price.

This equipment can be used almost in any weather conditions. Your dog will be under your strict control. You get an opportunity to handle him better, to hold him near when needed and correct his behaviour. One of the main advantages of a good leash is its handle. This nylon leash is equipped with extra comfort handle which will be of great help during different dog activities.

Brass snap hook allows to easily and quickly attach it to the collar or harness. This saves your time and may be a guarantee that a snap hook won't suddenly unlock.


Hello Guy, Yes, I received the leash yesterday and it is perfect.
From: Mary, USA

Hi Guy, Thanks for airway bill number!! I received the goods yesterday late afternoon! I am very happy with the goods received!! I will take pics and send to you for your web site!!! Regards.
From: Amit, UK

Ron, I received the leashes today - thank you. The quality of your dog products is top notch. I work with a dog rescue group in Berkeley, and I have recommended your company highly to all willing to listen. It is very satisfying to do business with a company like yours in today's environment of "mediocrity at best". Thank you.
From: Hank, USA

Received collar and leash. Beautiful. I really enjoy walking Bear with new gear from the company. I'm a veteran of Vietnam with some problems and hands feel better with new leash. Really enjoy trading with u guys and will continue in future. Next purchase will be leather harness. Take care, bless you 'respectfully.
From: Paul, Texas, United States

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