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Nylon Triple Boxer Coupler for Comfortable Walking


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Tired of Problems While Walking with Your 3 Dogs - Get This Triple Coupler

Do you want to get the leash that will allow to walk with your three canines? Havenít found the tool yet that will meet all your demands? Then we want to gladden you. On this site we present you such a gear. This coupler is made of extra strong nylon and is suitable for any weather. If your pets enjoy walking under the falling snow or if you are caught in the rain, donít be afraid that the implement will be spoiled. The leash wonít stretch or contract because of getting wet.

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  • Nylon Boxer leash for walking three caninesNylon Boxer leash for walking three dogs
  • Nylon Boxer lead with rustproof nickel O-ringNylon Boxer lead with rustproof nickel O-ring

What is so special about this Boxer leash:

  • Quality nylon
  • Rust resistant nickel fittings
  • Stitched for extra durability
  • O-ring for leash attachment
  • Water resistant

When this Boxer leash is indispensable:

  • Three dogs` walking †
  • Simultaneous control over three pets

Sizes available:

  • 12 inch (30 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black

This triple coupler will solve the problem of knotting and and mixing together forever! Owing to not very long straps, dogs can feel free while walking, but also their tools wonít twist or tangle.

The leash is manufactured of durable nylon. It is very strong and will withstand the pulling force of three dogs, even large ones.

Nylon is not only reliable, but also practical material. This gear can be used in any weather conditions causing no harm to the implement.

Nickel snap hooks are tough and rustproof. They will fasten the leashes to collars or harnesses.

Due to the brass O-ring you can attach a long leash.

Buying one leash is cheaper, isnít it? Save your time and money and purchase this triple coupler.

Take a look at triple nylon dog coupler

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