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Easy in Use Anti-Pulling Leather Canine Lead for Boxer Breed

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Excellent Anti-Pulling Canine Leash for Your Boxer

Choosing the leash for your Boxer do not pass over this Ultra Convenient Leather Dog Leash for Boxer Breed. Thoughtfully designed, the lead is a real multitasking daily gear and it will easily cope with a very strong dog. Crafted from flexible genuine leather, the lead provides maximum comfort in operation for both the dog and his handler.

This Innovative Canine Leash is considered to be a very effective anti-pulling tool and is recommended for people with shoulder or back pain. It is a one second issue to pick the best size leash for walking or training your dog as the range of those is wide. Whatever length you choose, the lead will be an excellent and totally painless way to control your Boxer.

Due to its complicated design the leash is a simple in use long lasting reliable canine gear. Done of carefully selected non-toxic materials, it is going to serve your canine for many years, successfully withstanding heavy training loads and time influence. Choose this lead model, buy it now and cope with your Boxer puller easily.

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Easy training of your Boxer with this leather leash

Best genuine leather leash for Boxer dog

Well designed lead body minimizes pressure on your hand when Boxer pulld hatrd

Unique esign of the leash will make your Boxer really gorgeous

Key features of this Boxer Leash:

  • 100% full grain genuine latigo leather
  • reliable springy braided lead
  • Nappa leather padded handle
  • brass hardware
  • double stitched handle
  • O-ring for better control & comfort

Intended use of this Boxer Lead:

  • walking
  • training

Sizes available:

  • 2ft (60 cm)
  • 3ft (90 cm)
  • 4ft (120 cm)
  • 5ft (150 cm)
  • 6ft (180 cm)

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown
  • tan

There is no secret at all that any dog owner cannot deal with a dog without a leash. It is a necessary must be accessory. But why choosing this Canine Lead?

Learn few useful facts about this Boxer Leash:

It is a very strong and long servicing dog tool. Manufactured of the best sort of leather, the lead is guaranteed to serve long and to be a very practical gear. Carefully worked out edges won’t fray or deteriorate, while stitching at stress points will prevent tear. Only high quality nylon threads were used for hand stitching. No rot or pulling out are going to happen.

Please note that leather material requires constant proper treatment. Thus, it shouldn’t be washed with water or overdried as it leads to cracking and its qualities loss. The best way to clean leather material and to protect its gorgeous look is to use water repellent and leather conditioner.

The hardware is manufactured of brass, rust and corrosion resistant material. Brass is strong and reliable so the snap hook will be securely locked and it won’t suddenly unclip when used.

It is an extremely pleasant tool for the handler. Maximum comfort is achieved due to Nappa leather padded handle. This material is unbelievably soft and tender so even the most sensitive skin won’t get hurt. Due to convenient grab, provided by the handle, your Boxer won’t fetch away out of your control.
The dog is also discouraged from pulling by few more reasons. Designed like a springy cord, the leash minimizes the pressure on your hand when the canine yanks the lead. In your turn you can easily pull the leash back getting your Boxer to know that he behaves bad.
The ring, connecting the handle and the leash works like a sliding surface. When your Boxer sharply changes the direction, you do not feel hard jerk.

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Softly padded handle for not to rub palm

Maximum comfort for the handler with super soft handle

Reliable brass snap hook doesn't rust or corrode

Strong and reliable snap hook provides maximum convenience

Gorgeous but functional. Due to its absolutely unique design, the leash looks matchless. The braid is done of the pieces with the holes connected together, i.e each previous part is pulled through the following one creating a completed braid.

If you haven't still decided what leash to choose, pick this one or visit our leash page.

Boxer leather leash with durable handle for daily walks

Boxer leather leash with corrosion resistant hardware for any activity

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