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Braided Handmade Leather Canine Leash with Gold Color Hardware for Boxer Dog


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Elegant Leather Braided Leash with Soft Handle for your Boxer Activity

Fashionable and functional canine leash is the best choice for active Boxer breed, especially if it looks so amazing! This Braided Leather Boxer Lead will fully meet your dog’s needs and take care of you. Our best and most talented craftmasters developed this model and they provided that the leash is super comfortable for the handler and effective for the dog.

Check how this leash looks on Boxer / Our Video

This Stunning Canine Leash is more than just a walking tool - it is an elegant piece of dog training equipment that will be suitable for most activities and for any occasion. Due to its high quality craft and best materials chosen, the lead is a reliable and long lasting dog tool that will please you and your Boxer for several decades. Due to its unique design, your dog will always look fancy and trendy, whatever he does.

Cannot make up your mind about what leash to choose for your Boxer? Pick this Braided True Leather Canine Leash and let your daily activity together be full of gorgeous notes, comfort and pleasure. Order this Lead now.

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Strong and reliable leash for daily walking your Boxer

Maximally comfortable Boxer leash

Nappa leather padded handle will provide the handler with super comfort and protect the palm from rubbing

Convenient handle and secure handle for better control of your Boxer

Key features of this Boxer Leash:

  • 100% full grain latigo leather
  • brass hardware
  • stitched at stress points
  • hand set rivets
  • Nappa leather padded handle
  • double stitched handle
  • reliable snap hook
  • 3/4 inch (20 mm) wide

Intended use of this Boxer Lead:

  • walking
  • training
  • dog show

Sizes available:

  • 4 Ft (120 cm)

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown
  • tan

Why is this Canine Leash so beneficial? Few facts explaining it:

Very talented team of professionals worked hard to invent this new leash model. Many researches have been done and finally the leash was manufactured. All the requirements of dog owners were taken into account and included in this one product so our outstanding designers made it very convenient, easy in use, appropriate for most of dog activities, unique and affordable.
Carefully done of the best ever true leather, the leash is strong and reliable. It is designed not for short one season use but for long service. If buying this lead, you won’t need any other for your Boxer and it is very likely that your future dog will inherit it. Under proper treatment the leash can be unbreakable as it is designed to serve under hard training loads and to be time-proof. Although, you should remember that leather material cannot be friendly with water or overdrying - do not let that happen, otherwise it will crack and lose its look and qualities. The best way to take care of this material is to clean it with water repellent and condition it occasionally.

Well-polished brass fittings are rust and corrosion resistant. Due to this material being so strong, the snap hook is very reliable. It won’t unclip under strong pulling force and will be a secure lock during your Boxer’s activity.

The handle is padded with the softest material ever - Nappa leather - providing excellent comfort for the handler. No pain, rashes, rubbing or injuries are to be expected. Due to it, easy and strong grab is guaranteed so your Boxer will be always controlled well. Double stitched, the handle is done for a full due for not to tear, break or abrade.

Securely hand set rivets at stress points protect the leash from breakage when pulled or jerked. Done with quality and checked on many dogs, it will surely stand the force of the strongest canine and remain the same beautiful and functional.

If you are going to bring up a well-mannered Boxer dog, this Leather Canine Lead is of basic necessity. It will do for adult Boxer dog, as well as for growing puppy and will serve faithfully during all your dog’s life. Having a dog is more affordable and more pleasant with Boxer breed store.

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