• Model: PS24#1013 Dog bite sleeve jute

Boxer Effective and Safe Training with Dog Bite Sleeve of Jute Material


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New Age Dog Bite Sleeve Fabricated of Jute for Boxer

Our professionals know what's best for your Boxer and his effective training and safety of the trainer. This page offers ultimate product made by the experienced designers in cooperation with experienced dog trainers. Now you can enjoy comfy and efficient dog training with this New Age Dog Bite Sleeve Fabricated of Jute for Boxer!

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Hidden Protection Siberian Husky Bite Sleeve for Training

Hidden Protection Boxer Bite Sleeve for Training

Velcro Closure on Boxer Bite Sleeve

Velcro Closure on Boxer Bite Sleeve

Reliable bite dog jute sleeve with velcro straps

Reliable bite dog jute sleeve with velcro straps

Key features of this Bite Sleeve:

  • 100% dog safe materials
  • soft interior
  • outside round handle
  • inside padded hard handle
  • D-ring under handle
  • wall hang loop
  • hard plastic shoulder protection
  • advanced bite surface
  • removable french linen cover

Intended use of this Bite Sleeve:

  • Advanced bite work with sleeve for young dogs
  • Working on bite drive
  • Building full mouth proper angle bite foundation


  • 3 1/3 lb (1,5 kg )


  • Jute

What is special about this Sleeve for Boxer:

Adjustable strap around elbow zone will allow a helper to achieve a perfect fit of a sleeve. Being trained with this very sleeve your dog will gain confidence and develop a full grip. Also you will expose your dog to different surface/texture in bite work. We chose jute as basic material for a reason. Jute is the second most important vegetable fiber after cotton. Its amazingly soft fabric structure is durable and wear-resistant. Lots of facts can be pointed out but one more that is worth mentioning is the fact that jute has anti-static property. That is why it will be perfect to wear jute sleeve together with a training suit (most of the suits are synthetic). Jute is environment-friendly fiber starting from the seed to expired fiber, as the expired fibers can be recycled more than once.

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