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Training Boxer Leg Sleeve With Bite Bar


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Strong Protection French linen Leg Sleeve for Boxer

This leg sleeve is crafted of selected French Linen material. For you not to have any doubts in its durability we should say that the same material we use for making perfectly designed quality bite suits. For utmost durability we make bottom nylon strap which doesn't allow leg sleeve to slide high on the leg and helps to hold steady position during training sessions. Velcro straps will help you to put leg sleeve on easily. Besides, you get great opportunity to release sleeve and reward your dog fast when needed.

Key features of this Sleeve:

  • High quality durable French Linen
  • Anti slide nylon strap
  • Velcro closure
  • Heavy duty bite bar
  • Ambidextrous
  • Control handle

Intended use of this Sleeve:

  • Protection training
  • Police and military dog training
  • Guard dog training

We offer you protective leg sleeve for dog handler. This is high quality equipment that was specially created for training your Boxer. Check more benefits of it:

1. With the help of this leg sleeve your will avoid dog bites during working or training with your pet.

2. This sleeve is made of the best quality non-allergic materials and is completely safe for your Boxer.

3. This is handmade equipment that is highly practicable and easy washable.

4. It's appreciated by dog trainers by its light weight, highly functional and easy in use.

5. For additional comfort of the handler this leg sleeve is equipped with strong durable inside handle that is made super comfort to be helpful during training sessions.

6. This equipment is created of the strongest French Linen that is well-known by its safety and durable.

7. This leg sleeve is deeply thought to be easily taken on and off with the help of Velcro along the whole length. Therefore you can reward your dog for the good work when quickly giving it to him. At the same time, spontaneous unfastening is eliminated.

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