• Model: PS25#1013 Protection young dog sleeve

Ultra-lightweight Jute Bite Sleeve for Boxer Training


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Ideal Training Sleeve with Large Bite Area and Inside Hard Handle

It's high time to start the intermediate phase of your dog training! Professional training bite sleeve will protect you while training and provide your pet with exciting training session. Every dog needs to develop his natural instincts. The main is a biting instinct. This dog bite sleeve is specially designed for training dog bite skills and developing proper bite grip. Be sure your arm will be protected up to the elbow!

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Strong Training Boxer Sleeve for Growing Puppies

Strong Training Boxer Sleeve for Growing Puppies

Velcro Closure on Boxer Bite Sleeve

Adjustable Strap Helps to Fit This Puppy Bite Sleeve Comfortably and Firmly

The key advantages of this Dog-Friendly Bite Sleeve:

  • Velcro closure to fit your arm anatomically in the best way
  • Ambidextrous
  • Soft and strong materials
  • Flexible sleeve
  • Easy-to-clean material
  • Super comfortable

Intended use of this Eco-Friendly Jute Bite Sleeve:

  • Dog guard training
  • Police training
  • Protection training

Why we recommend you this Bite Sleeve:

All the materials that are used for manufacturing of this Bite Sleeve are eco-friendly. Thus, it won't cause any skin problems.

Thanks to its unusual ergonomic design this Bite Sleeve is very strong and can be easily used during different kinds of training. It creates utmost protection for the handler. This dog tool is also equipped with two inside/outside handles that make it very comfy in use. Also superior comfort is achieved due to its light weight which is rather small in comparison to other similar dog bite sleeves.

Practicability of this item is very high. Jute is well-known for its incredible durability and strength plus the sleeve is carefully stitched at the edges to make this jute bite tug timeless and reliable. You can use this item for advanced bite work or working on prey drive. Also it will help you to develop your dog's biting skills.

Please, pay attention that this model of bite sleeve is used with a cover ONLY! Otherwise, we do not bear any responsibility for the condition of the sleeve that is used without a cover!

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