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Stitched French Linen Boxer Bite Sleeve

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Boxer Hidden Protection Sleeve Made of French Linen

Be always in safety when training your Boxer! It is very easy with this protective strong French Linen sleeve. Such gear will provide your with full protection and there will be nothing to worry about. This is really very forcible argument because the trainer/handler must feel confidence during training process. This bite sleeve is made of sturdy French Linen. This material provides super durability and strength to the item.

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Hidden Protection Boxer Bite Sleeve for Training

Hidden Protection Boxer Bite Sleeve for Training

 Velcro Closure on Boxer Bite Sleeve

French Linen Super Safe Boxer Bite Sleeve

The key advantages of this Bite Sleeve:

  • super flexible
  • ambidextrous
  • soft and strong materials
  • snugly fitted

Intended use of this Jute Bite Sleeve:

  • dog guard training
  • police training
  • protection training

Why we recommend you this Bite Sleeve:

Being made of flexible, durable and lightweight material the sleeve will help you to develop and reestablish proper bite angle and grip of your dog. To enhance safety while training you may also order special inner plastic reinforcement, which will protect your arm from a bite and won't hurt the dog. Experienced trainers also use this sleeve without reinforcement, which helps them to feel the quality of canine's grip. Among main advantages of this professional training hidden sleeve are the following: it maximizes realistic effect while training, which helps to develop dog's confidence it is durable and duly fixated it goes with and without plastic reinforcement.

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