• Model: PSC491013 Mega Strength Full Jute Cover

Boxer Jute Dog Bite Cover with Handles


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Boxer Jute Cover for Bite Sleeve with Handles

What can be better than to provide your dog's training accessory with more durability! It is an easy task! Keep bite sleeve always good-looking, like new with this protective sleeve cover! It will protect your bite dog gear from possible damages during training! The cover makes the service of the gear longer. Strong Jute makes the accessory super sturdy and tear-resistant. The cover is equipped with nylon rope for comfy and reliable sleeve attachment. Durable, with lightweight construction, excellent bite surface, easy to to put on and to remove from the sleeve - this practicable bite sleeve cover should be definitely bought!

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Mega Strength Full Jute Cover

Mega Strength Full Jute Cover

Jute bite sleeve cover with a handle

Jute bite sleeve cover with a handle

The key advantages of this Cover:

  • Carefully stitched
  • Be-in-control handle
  • Natural quality jute of supreme durability
  • Strong loops for sleeve attachment

Intended use of this Jute Cover:

  • Goes perfect with our protection sleeves
  • Fits most major brands sleeves
  • Police and military dog training


  • 3, 35 lb (1,52 kg)


  • Jute

Why we recommend you this Jute Cover:

The cover provides a sleeve with reliable protection and it can be used for multiple trainings. This cover is made of Jute. Jute is extra strong and tear-resistant fabric. It's a synthetic fabric but despite this fact, the material and the entire accessory itself are harmless for the dog's health and dog's teeth. It is absolutely dog-friendly material which can't result in any allergy or irritation.

Dog bite cover helps to keep the bite sleeve in good condition. It's achievable due to removable covers. This sturdy and reliable cover will help you to make service of the sleeve longer.

A removable accessory which is easy in use is exactly the item you need for protection of the bite sleeve. The padding is just perfect to give the strong dog a nice full bite while still supporting the grip. It also allows just enough protection for the decoy to feel the grip and have the ability to feel the bite during the work.

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