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Puppy Bite Builder Young Dog Protection Sleeve for Boxer


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Jute Bite Builder Sleeve for Training Puppies and Young Dogs

Super Quality Jute Bite Builder for training puppies and adult dogs is the best choice for your Boxer! If you train your Boxer regularly, you will find this accessory indispensable. It is specially made for bite building. Being made of extra durable jute material, this bite builder is long-servicing. What is more, this accessory will successfully hold out strong resistance of sharp teeth of your pet. Don't miss your chance to become an owner of this practicable supply.

Jute Dog Bite Builder for Young Dogs and Puppies Training

Jute Dog Bite Builder for Young Dogs and Puppies Training

Bite Builder of Jute for Puppy Training

Bite Builder of Jute for Puppy Training

Key features of this Boxer Bite Builder:

  • High quality natural jute
  • 2 round padded hard handles
  • Easy bite grip angle for training
  • Stitched

Intended use of this Boxer Bite Builder:

  • Advanced bite training
  • Building bite grip
  • Better position grip

Several main reasons why to buy this Bite Developer for Your Boxer:

You can be sure that this Bite Developer is crafted of high quality materials. Jute is safe for your dog’s health, because it contains no toxic or dangerous components and is widely used in production of bite sleeves and suits.

Our craftsmen used right material for padding, which is crucial for your dogs comfort – good padding should be of natural origin to avoid rubbing and irritation of your dogs skin and fur. They also hand stitched it so the product will for a lifetime.

There is a special nylon handle which will allow you to attach the leash to it.

NB! This Bite Builder is not meant for chewing, so keep an eye at your canine while using this piece of training equipment. Otherwise, he can damage it and you won’t be able to use it for further training.

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