• Model: PSC1#1013 Jute Dog Bite Sleeve Cover

Boxer bite sleeve cover made of jute with handle


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Boxer bite sleeve cover made of jute with handle for Boxer

This Boxer bite sleeve cover made of jute with handle is a perfect item to make the service of the bite sleeve longer. It is made of jute material, which is known for its durability. The cover is equipped with a special handle for comfort and it is firmly stitched to make it last longer.

Key features of this Cover:

  • Interior padding for easy on/off sleeve fit
  • Outside control handle
  • Safe high quality jute
  • Leather loops for sleeve attachment
  • Increased durability

Intended use of this Cover:

  • Work with protection sleeves
  • Fits most major brands sleeves

This Jute Bite Sleeve Cover is made for efficient training young dogs and puppies. So, only natural and eco-friendly materials were used. Jute material is perfect for training your Boxer's biting instinct from the puppyhood.

Our covers made to fit the standard of the sleeves available on the market. This Boxer Sleeve Cover has an interior padding, which allows to fit it to the biting sleeve quickly and easily. Use a special nylon rope to attach the Cover firmly to the Sleeve. It will not slip or move from the sleeve. It will fit perfectly the following sleeves:

PS27 - Schutzhund official WUSV 2011 protection bite sleeve

PS28 - Schutzhund training and trial protection bite sleeve

PS200 - Bite Protection X-Sleeve.

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