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Puppy and Young Dog Bite X-Builder

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Boxer Top Quality Bite Developer

Start training your Boxer puppy with this Top Quality Bite Developer. This Top Quality Bite Developer is made of dog friendly selected materials only by our experts! It is made by professionals for professionals! Now you can have it too! Tested design, ultimate comfort and three level bite bar will help you to get 3 steps ahead of other trainers!

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Mega Reliable Boxer Bite Developer

Strong Boxer Bite Developer with Handles

Innovational Dite Developer for Boxer

Young Boxer Reliable Bite Developer

Key features of this Bite Builder:

  • no metal or outside plastic parts
  • right angle bite bar for proper training
  • hand stitching for outstanding durability
  • excellent design
  • terrific overall quality
  • extremely lightweight

Intended use of this Bite Builder:

  • basic puppy bite training
  • building full bite grip
  • building better position grip
  • building stronger grip

Five amazing special things about this tool you must know:

1. There are no metal or plastic parts outside the builder for your dog's safety.

2. The builder has a three level bite bar regulation to adjust to a proper training stage. It means this one professional sleeve will do 3 others developers' job!

3. It has a hand stitching for outstanding durability.

4. Superior design makes this builder suitable for police, schutzhund and military training.

5. It is already tested and approved by professional trainers worldwide.

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