Boxer Health Issues

Any dog of any breed can be susceptible to certain diseases and Boxers, unfortunately, are not an exception. Although it doesn’t mean that your dog will have all of the diseases he is susceptible to: he can have one or several or none of them. We offer you a list of possible Boxer ailments and their short description.

Cancer is one of the most serious Boxer diseases. Like with humans, the chances to cure the dog are higher if this illness is diagnosed at early phase. That is why each dog owner should know that his dog have the possibility to have cancer and also keep an eye on him so to detect early symptoms, if there are so. Boxers are usually prone to mast cell tumors, lymphoma and brain tumors. White and white-spotted Boxers must be protected from the sun as they are susceptible to the skin cancer in case of sunburn.

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Cardiomyopathy (Heart Condition)
It is a very complicated heart disease peculiar to Boxer breed. Vets still make researches to know more on this health issue. However, it is already known that this illness makes the dog’s heart beat too quickly or unsteadily. It usually happens with random intervals. If uneven heartbeats happen too frequent a dog can lose consciousness, fall into a coma or worse. That is why it is very important to detect the symptoms in time and start treatment.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy (CDM) – A Heart Disease
Dilated Cardiomyopathy is an inherited disease that cause a dog’s heart to be swollen. Unfortunately, it is widespread among Boxer dogs enough so to be worried about it. Once you notice the symptoms of this disease, do not hesitate with doing all necessary tests. There are lots of different kinds of treatment, including medications or surgery.

Aortic Stenosis - (Heart Condition)
It is a canine problem that affects dog’s heart. Boxers are more subjected to it than some other dog breeds. Sometimes, in mild cases,  this disease can remain unnoticed and the dog will live his normal life. However, it is an inherited illness so the ill Boxer’s puppies can have more severe cases. Please, note that it very important to detect this disease as severe cases can seriously influence your dog’s health and his life in total.

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Many dog owners believe that Heartworms strike only those dogs, whose owners do not take care of their dogs' hygiene. However it is a widespread dog disease. Worms from 6 to 14 inches (15-35 cm) long live in their hearts. They multiply very quickly and their number can total up to 300 worms, living in the heart and arteries. It is an issue of vital importance to know ways of its treatment.

Dogs can also have seizures. There are a lot of different types of them.  If you noticed that your dog has strange symptoms such as drooling, staring into space, confusion, repeated behavior, unconsciousness, he can have this kind of problem. Learn about different types of dog seizures, their symptoms and ways of treatment.

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Thyroid Problems – Hypothyroidism
Problems with dog’s thyroid gland can cause a large number of diseases. When Boxer’s thyroid doesn’t work properly, the health issues can vary from epilepsy to skin conditions. Boxers are very susceptible to this problem and without proper treatment it can greatly spoil your dog’s life.

This word is usually related with a dog getting old. However, even young dogs can suffer from this illness. There are a lot of types and methods of treatment and ways to make your dog’s life more comfortable and painless. That is why caring dog owner should always be familiar with signs, diagnosis and treatment of this disease so your dog’s life was happy, healthy and long-lasting.

Intervertebral Disk Disease – A Canine Back Problem
This disease is a very serious dog problem. It may cause deterioration of motor function, coordination or, in more severe cases, paralysis. It is necessary to find out the symptoms in time and start treatment.

It is a severe dog disease, that can happen in any dog’s age. There are many ways to avoid it. However, if it is not noticed and treated properly and in time a bloated Boxer can pass away in a very quick term. When a dog owner knows how to prevent it, the chances of lethal outcome are greatly reduced.

Histiocytic Ulcerative Colitis (HUC) – A Disease of the Colon
Boxer breed is the most prone to this canine disease. Because of its illness, ulcers in the lining of the dog’s large intestine occur. This, in its turn, causes diarrhea and/or blood in the bowel movements.

Pyloric Stenosis – A Stomach Disease
There is still weak explanation of why this disease occur. However, Boxer dogs are very much prone to it. When this illness happens the muscles around the stomach’s exit become very thick that leads to vomiting and bloating. Without proper treatment this disease can become a very serious and dangerous problem.

Ear Mites
Ear mites can be a very serious and annoying problem for your Boxer. They are very contagious and are quickly transmitted by jumping to a dog from another dog or cat. A Boxer, ill with ear mites, feels a lot of discomfort so you would like to find out the symptoms as soon as possible and to start treatment.

Ear Infections
The Boxer can have an ear infection, caused by allergies, bacteria or foreign elements. There is a cure for these problems. Know more about symptoms and ways of treatment.

Eye Diseases
Boxer dogs are susceptible to various eye diseases, possibly because of their snout structure. The most widespread are Cherry Eye, Corneal Dystrophy and Uveitis.

Hip Dysplasia
It is a dog disease when a malformation of hip joint occurs and then it leads to Osteoarthritis. Unlike some other dog breeds, Boxers are more prone to this disease. It is usually inherited and progressive so with time it will get worse.

Red Mange / Demodectic Mange – Skin Disease
This disease is caused by Demodex mite. It lives on the skin of all dogs and when the puppies are born it passes from mother to her babies. Healthy Boxers do not usually have problems with it. However, if a dog has weak immunity, this can cause a very serious problems. A dog can face with a Mange that causes patches on his skin. In most cases Boxers can fight with it on their own, but if not, it can develop into something more severe.